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Randy Vanderhoof

Industry Conferences Provide Opportunities to Learn, Educate

The calendar has turned from October to November and I am feeling thankful that my suitcase and my health survived a grueling month of air travel and hotel stays. Such was life in the industry in the time period from September to November. In this quarter’s Smart Card Talk newsletter, the last of 2015, I write about the events and conferences I attended, hosted or participated in.

Next month in this space we will publish and post the Annual Review, a publication filled with a year’s worth of activities and news available in both printed form and electronic. In this newsletter, we have an update on Alliance Councils, Councils, a Leadership Council Profile on Capgemini, new CSCIP and CSEIP recipients, and much more.

New White Paper on the EMV and NFC

NFC and EMV are companion technologies. NFC applies to how devices communicate; EMV applies to payments made with contact and contactless chip cards or with a mobile NFC device emulating a contactless chip card. The new white paper, EMV and NFC: Complementary Technologies Enabling Secure Contactless Payments, clarifies how the technologies work together to enable secure payments.

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    Join the Alliance

    Join the AllianceOur mission is to accelerate the widespread adoption, usage, and application of smart card technology in North America by bringing together users and technology providers in an open forum to address opportunities and challenges for our industry.

    Latin America Chapter

    The Latin American smart card market is growing, and the Smart Card Alliance has formed a new Latin American chapter to bring together smart card suppliers, partners and customers in order to address the challenges facing smart card deployment in the region.