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Randy Vanderhoof

From the Executive Director

Welcome to the August Monthly Member Bulletin.  Late last month the Smart Card Alliance hosted a special event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the signing of HSPD-12, This mandatory, government-wide standard called for secure and reliable forms of ID issued for federal employees and contractors to access federally-controlled networks and facilities.  I was honored to publicly recognize the many individuals who helped provide security to our nation in the face of those who are bent on destroying the very best of this country – our citizens. You can learn more about the event by reading my letter this month. Also check out our profile on Ultra Electronics ID, get updates on Council activities, and mark your calendars for a full schedule of events. Read the complete letter.


New White Paper on Host Card Emulation

The Smart Card Alliance Mobile and NFC Council recently published a white paper on host card emulation (HCE). The white paper is an excellent educational resource on what HCE is, how it’s used, how it compares with the secure element-based card emulation approach, and what security aspects should be considered for HCE-enabled applications.

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    Join the Alliance

    Join the AllianceOur mission is to accelerate the widespread adoption, usage, and application of smart card technology in North America by bringing together users and technology providers in an open forum to address opportunities and challenges for our industry.

    Latin America Chapter

    The Latin American smart card market is growing, and the Smart Card Alliance has formed a new Latin American chapter to bring together smart card suppliers, partners and customers in order to address the challenges facing smart card deployment in the region.