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Randy Vanderhoof


From The Executive Director

Much has been discussed and written in the press lately about the slow speed of EMV chip transactions and the long delays merchants are experiencing getting their businesses EMV certified. My letter this month explains what’s happening with these complicated issues.


1440155769711-dual-interfaceContactless EMV Payments Benefits

The Payments Council recently published a white paper, Contactless EMV Payments: Benefits for Consumers, Merchants and Issuers. The white paper provides a fresh look at contactless payments in the current U.S. payments environment.

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    Join the Alliance

    Join the AllianceOur mission is to accelerate the widespread adoption, usage, and application of smart card technology in North America by bringing together users and technology providers in an open forum to address opportunities and challenges for our industry.

    Latin America Chapter

    The Latin American smart card market is growing, and the Smart Card Alliance has formed a new Latin American chapter to bring together smart card suppliers, partners and customers in order to address the challenges facing smart card deployment in the region.