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Randy Vanderhoof

More ID Breaches Occur as Payments Migration Remains On Track

Last month I wrote about the data breach involving the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) where 4.1 million federal employee records were stolen, and how one of the hot topics at the 14th Annual Smart Card Alliance Government Conference were the efforts by OMB that were re-energizing the federal government’s efforts to start using PIV credentials to secure information access and system privileges. To paraphrase President Ronald Reagan, here we go again. OPM was hit again with another data breach, and last week U.S. personnel chief Katherine Archuleta resigned in the wake of this latest assault that allowed hackers to steal the records of more than 21 million people under her watch. More on this, as well as positive news from the payments front regarding the EMV migration, in my letter this month. Also check out our Center of Excellence (COE) profile on Giesecke and Devrient, get updates on Council activities, and learn much more about what’s going on within the Alliance. As always, thank you for your support of our organization.

New White Paper on EMV and Parking

The Smart Card Alliance Payments Council recently published a white paper, EMV and Parking, in partnership with the International Parking Institute. The white paper was developed for parking industry stakeholders as an educational resource about the critical aspects of deploying an EMV solution in the parking infrastructure.

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    Latin America Chapter

    The Latin American smart card market is growing, and the Smart Card Alliance has formed a new Latin American chapter to bring together smart card suppliers, partners and customers in order to address the challenges facing smart card deployment in the region.