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Dear Smart Card Alliance member,

As a member of the Smart Card Alliance, your company is entitled to a member benefit from SecurityStockWatch.com. The benefit consists of your company’s thought leadership interview in The Wall Street Journal, as well as in other major media channels and trade media.

Further details provided by SecurityStockWatch.com:

How does SecurityStockWatch.com’s security solutions channel drive new business to your business? “Our B2B and B2GOV portal is the #1 Google site for Secure ID Solutions and Fraud Prevention Solutions, and I invite you to visit Google to verify our top rankings first-hand. Based on our demographics and traffic we reach your target markets and the professionals you want to reach”, says Martin Ely, founder of SecurityStockWatch.com.

Please see these examples of other thought leadership interviews on our channel:

3M, ABnote, Cisco, CSC, Gemalto, General Dynamics Cyber Security, HID Global, RSA. This type of sponsored content enables you to connect with your customers and strategic partners in a highly effective way to help achieve your awareness, branding, sales and lead generation goals.

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ABC Channel 7 in New York, CNN, Dallas Morning News, Los Angeles Daily News, Miami Herald, Reuters, San Francisco Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal

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We are also partners with ASIS, GOVSEC, ISC, PSA, the Security Industry Association and many other security industry organizations.

One quick word about our name. ”SecurityStockWatch.com” reflects our roots when we started the business in 1999. At that time, we were primarily a financial portal. As a result of publishing content with leading experts about access control, authentication, cloud computing, fraud prevention, homeland security, mobile security, M2M, network security, NFC, physical security, RFID, secure ID, safety, and risk management issues we drive new business to your solutions.

I look forward to speaking with you and I’d like to show you exactly how we can put this Smart Card Alliance Marketing Benefit marketing benefit to work for you for immediate results. I’ll follow up with a brief telecom so we may discuss this further.

Martin Eli
Founder, SecurityStockWatch.com