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Smart Card Market Information

Global Smart Card Shipments: Devices Incorporating Smart Card Technology

Eurosmart conducts an annual market study on global shipments for devices incorporating smart card technology. Eurosmart reported that 8.04 billion devices incorporating smart card technology will ship globally in 2014. Eurosmart has forecast that over 8.790 billion devices will ship in 2015 – 10% growth over 2014.  (Note that Eurosmart is using the terms “secure element” and “smart secure devices” to refer to devices that incorporate smart card technology.)

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EMV Credit and Debit Chip Card Issuance

Financial institutions in Europe, Latin America, Asia/Pacific, Canada and the United States are issuing contact or dual-interface EMV chip cards for credit and debit payment (commonly referred to as “chip and PIN”) or migrating to EMV issuance. According to EMVCo, over 2.37 billion EMV cards are in circulation globally and over 36.9 million POS terminals accept EMV cards as of Q4 2013.

The U.S. migration to EMV chip cards is now underway.  The EMV Migration Forum has estimated that there were approximately 120 million chip cards in the U.S. market as of the end of 2014, with 600 million estimated to be issued by the end of 2015.  Industry sources have also estimated that as many as 50 percent of merchant terminals may be enabled for EMV chip card acceptance by the end of 2015.