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Physical Access Control Systems and FIPS 201

Publication Date: January 2006

The Physical Access Control Systems and FIPS 201 briefing presentation was developed by the Smart Card Alliance Physical Access Council. The presentation includes an overview of how physical access control systems work and how they interface with FIPS 201 PIV card issuance systems. The presentation then discusses key open issues, with recommendations to overcome ambiguities and resolve issues to ensure interoperability and achievement of long-term FIPS 201 goals.

About the Physical Access Council

The Physical Access Council is focused on accelerating the widespread acceptance, usage, and application of smart card technology for physical access control. The group brings together, in an open forum, leading users and technologists from both the public and private sectors and works on activities that are important to the physical access industry and that will address key issues that end user organizations have in deploying new physical access system technology. Physical Access Council participation is open to any Smart Card Alliance member who wishes to contribute to the Council projects