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Mobile and NFC Council

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology will soon be widely available in new smart phone handsets, enabling fast transactions, ticketing, digital content exchange, secure identification, social networking and communication between electronic devices. As new NFC applications emerge, a business-focused, cross-industry organization is needed that provides a bridge between industries to discuss and promote common standards and best practices.

The Smart Card Alliance Mobile and NFC Council was formed to raise awareness and accelerate the adoption of payments, loyalty, marketing, promotion/coupons/offers, peer-to-peer, identity, and access control applications using NFC. The Council focuses on activities that will help to accelerate the practical application of the technology, providing a bridge between technology development/specification and the applications that can deliver business benefits to industry stakeholders.

The Council takes a broad industry view and brings together industry stakeholders in the different vertical markets that can benefit from mobile and NFC applications. The Council collaborates on:

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Mobile and NFC Council Activities

Mobile and NFC Council activities focus on accelerating market adoption of all NFC-enabled applications. Council activities include:

Additional information on NFC and NFC applications can be found on the NFC Resources web page.

Mobile and NFC Council Resources

Council Management

The Council is managed by a cross-industry steering committee composed of stakeholders from all facets of mobile/NFC technology, applications and services.

Steering committee officers are:

Current steering committee members are:

Council Membership

The Mobile and NFC Council is one of several Smart Card Alliance Technology and Industry Councils, a focused group within the overall structure of the Alliance. Council participation is open to any Smart Card Alliance member who wishes to contribute to the Council projects.

The Smart Card Alliance recognizes the top three individual contributors in each of the industry councils and the council “honor roll” – the individuals who were leading contributors and participants in the council projects and activities.

Organizations who are active in the Mobile and NFC Council include:

For more information about the Mobile and NFC Council or for more information on becoming a member of the Alliance, please contact the Alliance office via email at [email protected] or via telephone at (800) 556-6828.